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10 New Year's Resolutions for Bereaved Parents

New Year’s Eve can be a time when people crack open the champagne, plan elaborate parties, reflect upon the past 12 months, and vow to make changes for the upcoming year. This holiday represents new starts and often new resolutions.

The idea of starting a new year without your child may be overwhelming. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable, so perhaps you’d like to consider making some very small, yet significant, resolutions this year.

For me, I resolve every year to keep my son, Garrett’s, memory alive by celebrating his life and remembering the joy he brought to our lives.

A popular new year’s resolution is always to lose weight and as bereaved parents I think a resolution should be to lose the weight of any anger, bitterness, or guilt that we may be holding onto so that we can move forward on our grief journey and truly begin to heal.

Here are some other ideas:

  • do one thing each day that constitutes self-care

  • take a trip

  • create a memory book, video, or craft for your child

  • connect with one person who has a story similar to yours

  • enroll in a fitness class

  • volunteer with an organization or cause that your child enjoyed

  • do an internet search and find one new idea for coping with grief

  • plan ahead for the days that you know will be difficult

  • attend a bereaved parent group

  • make a resolution with your spouse to support each other

  • write in a journal at least once a week

And finally, the best resolution you can make this year is to slow down and become mindful of your needs and feelings. This will allow you to recognize your inner strengths, allow others to support you and perhaps even allow you to find gratitude.

Would you like to try writing some of your own resolutions? Download this FREE worksheet for you to write your ideas for 2019.

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Melanie Delorme’s 8-year old son, Garrett, was killed in a hunting accident. She is the author of After the Flowers Die: A Handbook of Heartache, Hope and Healing After Losing a Child. Read a free excerpt here:

Remember, You are not alone!

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