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Online Grief Support Group

September 13 - October 18, 2018

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  • Do you wish you could attend a support group since your child has died but cannot find one near your home? 

  • Has the fear of walking into a room full of strangers kept you from attending a group?

This online group could be what you need.

It will meet online every Thursday evening for six weeks (7:00-8:30pm EST) using ZOOM conferencing. (Accessible on computers, laptops, tablets and phones with an internet connection)

Unfamiliar with ZOOM? 

This is a screen shot of a Zoom meeting. 

 Notice some people are choosing to show their image, some are not and one person has called using their telephone. 

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How will this help?

This group will allow you to connect with other parents who understand the pain of losing a child and will listen without judgement.


Connecting with other bereaved parents will make you feel less alone


Even if you are not ready to share, listening to others can be a powerful tool that can provide you hope as your work through your own feelings.


You do not have to walk this journey alone!

Topics include:

  • September 13 - Where are you on your grief journey?What do you need? We will discuss what we each hope to get our of our six-weeks together.

  • September 20 - Tough emotions: Anger, Bitterness, Guilt. We will discuss ideas to work through these emotions. 

  • September 27 - Different aspects of Grief—emotional, physical, social. We will discuss what these look like on a daily basis.

  • October 4 - Thanksgiving. We will talk about gratitude and the possibility that it is still possible to be thankful in spite of our tragedy. 

  • October 11- Circles of support. We will discuss how we can use the tools, people, resources available to us to serve us best. 

  • October 18 - What does the future look like? We will discuss what each of us needs going forward with love and hope. 


Registration Fee - $47.00 

**Group will be limited to 10 participants**

Still unsure?

 CLICK HERE to contact me with any questions.

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